Are you planning on traveling around Japan for a week or two (or three)? Then the Japan Rail Pass, also known as JR Pass might be a great option for you to get around the whole country.

By the way, the J stands for Japan and R for Rail, therefore the commonly used term JR Rail Pass is actually wrong. Careful here 😉

In this post, I would like to share with you what the JR Pass is, in which case it is worth to buy a Japan Rail Pass, where to buy a JR Pass and how to use it.

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What Is the Japan Rail Pass

The Japan Rail Pass is a tourist ticket for JR (Japan Rail) usage in a specific timeframe. Japan Rail is the biggest railway company in Japan but by far not the only one. Its network of railroads crisscross the whole country and include local trains as well as the famous Shinkansen bullet trains that connect the cities.

It is only possible to use the Japan Rail Pass as a tourist for a visit to Japan of less than 90 days on a tourist visa. People entering the country on a student or business visa (or any other kind of visa) cannot use the Japan Rail Pass.

You can either buy a 7 day Japan Rail Pass, 14 days Japan Rail Pass or Japan Rail Pass 21 days. In the validity period of your rail pass you will be able to use as many JR trains in Japan as you wish, with the exception of the fastest Shinkansen (bullet trains) called Nozomi (don’t worry the slower Shinkansen trains are still ridiculously fast, they just stop at a couple more stations).

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What is the JR Green Pass

There is also a first-class JRail Pass called a Green Pass. This one is more expensive than the standard pass but will enable you to get nicer seats in a special Green Car in all Shinkansen and some other long-distance trains. Green Cars generally have reserved seating and wider and more comfortable seats than normal. If you asked my personal opinion as someone who has used a Green Car before, I do not think it is worth spending the extra money.

The Japan Rail Pass covers JR trains all over Japan. This includes trains from all six JR group members (JR Hokkaido, JR East, JR Central, JR West, JR Shikoku, and JR Kyushu). There are also train passes for the six different regions. You can find more information about the JR Central Pass, JR East Pass and JR West Pass below. But I think in many cases it is worth buying a Japan Rail Pass even if you are only planning on traveling in one or two of these regions (provided you plan on traveling between multiple cities).

You can find a full list of all passes available in Japan on Purchase them directly through klook and have the exchange voucher delivered to your home.

What is the JR Central Pass

Since this website mainly focuses on Nagoya and the surrounding areas it is important that we speak about the JR Central Pass. JR Central is the train company that serves Nagoya and its surroundings.

There are 3 different passes useful to travelers based in Nagoya. The Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass is for travel north of Nagoya including popular tourist destinations such as Gero Onsen, Takayama, Shirakawago, and Kanazawa. From Kanazawa, you even have the option to visit Osaka and Kyoto, although unfortunately, no JR Central trains connect Nagoya with those cities. The pass is valid for 5 consecutive days and costs 14,000 yen if bought outside of Japan and 15,000 yen in Japan. The price for children between 6 and 11 is half the price for adults. Find more information about the Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass on the official JR Central website.

You can buy your 5 Day JR Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass for only 125 US dollars on!

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By using the Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Tourist Pass you can explore Mie prefecture as well as the famous Ise Shrine comfortably.

Another amazing JR Central tourist pass is the Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass. It is the pass you need if you want to explore the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

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By the way, if you arrive in Nagoya by air there is no way to get to the city using any JR Pass. Here are your options to get from Nagoya Airport to Nagoya Station or other parts of the city.

What Is the JR East Pass

If you are only planning on traveling in the east part of Honshu (the main island of Japan), you might also want to have a look at the JR East Pass. There are two different kinds, for two different areas. Tohoku area and Nagano/Niigata areas. When you buy this 20.000 yen (200 US dollars), or 18.000 yen (180 US dollars) pass you can use it on 5 days within a 14 day period on all JR trains in the region.

There is a 1000 yen discount when you buy your JR East Pass outside of Japan. For more information visit the official JR East website.

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What Is the JR West Pass

JR West the area where Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima are located have a JR West Pass. But here it gets a little bit more complicated because the region is further broken down into parts and each pass has different conditions and prices.

If you are only planning on spending time in the Kansai region check out the official JR West homepage and find a pass that is perfect for you.

How Much Does the Japan Rail Pass Cost

 7 days14 days21 days
Standard - Adult29,110 JPY
(265 USD)
46,390 JPY
(423 USD)
59,350 JPY
(543 USD)
Standard - Child (6-11 years)14,550 JPY
(133 USD)
23,190 JPY
(212 USD)
29,670 JPY
(272 USD)
Green - Adult38,880 JPY
(356 USD)
62,950 JPY
(576 USD)
81,870 JPY
(749 USD)
Green - Child (6-11 years)19,440 JPY
(179 USD)
31,470 JPY
(289 USD)
40,930 JPY
(375 USD)

The Japan Rail Pass price is different depending on the validity, the class of the ticket and depending on if you are an adult or child.

The official price is in Japanese yen; the JR Pass 7 Days costs 29,110 yen, JR Pass 14 Days 46,390 yen and the JR Pass 21 Days 59,350 yen.

The first-class Green car Rail Pass costs the following: 7 days cost 38,880 yen, 14 days cost 62,950 yen, 21 days cost 81,870 yen.

Children between 6 and 11 at the time of purchase ride for half the price of an adult. 

The prices in USD in the table above are just for your information, they usually differ slightly between booking websites, because of the different rates used to calculate the amounts.

Is a Japan Rail Pass Worth It

Sometimes it is hard to decide whether it is worth paying so much money for transportation. Let me give you a bit of background information so you can make a more informed decision.

A Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto costs 13,710 yen. So, in general, if you are just planning on staying in one city, or plan to use the Bullet Train only to get from Kanto (Tokyo) to Kansai (Kyoto and/or Osaka), and you asked me ‘Is the Japan Rail Pass worth it?’ I would say ‘Probably not!’

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But even a round trip between Tokyo and Kyoto costs almost as much as the 7 day Rail Pass (27,420 yen vs 29,110 yen), and now I would say it is almost worth buying the pass since you can use the pass also for local JR trains in either city.

Alternatives to the JR Pass

Let’s talk about viable alternatives to the expensive Shinkansen trains. A Willer Express bus ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto costs between 3000 yen (if you are very very lucky) and 13,000 yen (if you are unlucky).

On average it is about 5,000 yen. The bus will take about 10 hours. If you are on a tight budget, it will definitely be cheaper to buy bus tickets rather than a rail pass.

But if you don’t want to lose a whole day (or night) every time you move across the country it isn’t a very good alternative to the convenience of Shinkansen trains.

A Personal Example of JR Pass Use

When my parents used it to travel with me in Japan, we took the Shinkansen 5 times. From Kyoto to Hiroshima, Hiroshima to Kurashiki, Kurashiki to Nagoya, Nagoya to Hakone, and Hakone to Tokyo. We also used some other long-distance trains, for example, the one from Nagoya to Takayama or the train from Tokyo to Kamakura.

Without using the Japan Rail Pass the total for these train rides would have been more than 44,000 yen already, and so the two-week pass which costs 46,390 yen was worth it when we calculate in the money we saved on some other JR trains and buses in the cities and even one ferry.

Another point you should consider is just because you are in Japan for 3 weeks doesn’t mean you need to buy a 21-day pass. A two-week pass could be enough if you are planning on spending a week in one place like Tokyo where you won’t really need the pass to get around.

Where to Buy the Japan Rail Pass

Now to the most important question ‘Where to Buy a Japan Rail Pass.’ Previously, it was only possible to buy a Japan Rail Pass outside of Japan. Nowadays it is possible to buy the Japan Rail Pass when you are already in Japan.

Where to Buy Japan Rail Pass Online

The easiest way to buy the Japan Rail Pass is online. Simply visit and choose your preferred length and class (standard or green car). Once your order is done, you will get the exchange order delivered to you worldwide within 24 to 48 hours.

There are other websites offering the exact same Japan Rail Pass, but I have found them to be slightly more expensive than

Where to Buy JR Pass in Japan

It is super easy to buy Japan Rail Pass in Japan. It works exactly the same way as outside of Japan. You buy it online and have it delivered to your hotel within a couple of days. It’s as easy as that.

Visit the JRailPass website and buy your Japan Rail Pass today, no matter where you are!

How to Use the Japan Rail Pass

After purchasing your Japan Rail Pass through the JRailPass website, you will receive an exchange order to your home address or a hotel in Japan.

Once you arrive in Japan with your exchange order, you can activate your Japan Rail Pass by visiting one of the JR Exchange Offices. You can find a list of JR Exchange Offices here. They are basically at every bigger JR station in any city of Japan. You can choose from which date you want your pass to be activated.

When arriving in Nagoya you can activate the pass at Nagoya Station at the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Corner from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. or at the Ticket Office from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Osu is one of the most popular areas in Nagoya.
Explore it with a guide on a Street Food Tour of Osu.
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During the validity period, it is straightforward to use the JR pass. For regular trains, instead of passing through the automatic ticket gates you need to show your pass to the station officer usually located on one side of the ticket gates. After examining your pass, he will let you in and out of the station.

For use on Shinkansen or other trains where a reservation is necessary you merely show your pass at the time of the booking and the helpful staff will know what to do.

In Conclusion

I think the Japan Rail Pass is the best way to explore Japan, even though it really isn’t cheap. You can buy a pass for 7, 14 or 21 days online and have it within 48 hours. So, what are you waiting for?

Buy your Japan Rail Pass today!

If you think this post isn’t in-depth enough you can find all the little details, for example, about which trains, buses and ferries you can use on the official Japan Rail Pass website.

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Now that you have all the information about the Japan Rail Pass check out more travel tips here, and find out what to do in Nagoya by reading the detailed Nagoya Travel Guide. You can also check about the things to do in Nagoya. If you are looking for some amazing day trips from Nagoya read here.

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As a traveler to Japan, the Japan Rail Pass can be invaluable. So you can easily reread this post at a later time I recommend you pin it to your ‘Japan Travel’ Pinterest board.

Where to buy the Japan Rail Pass
Where to buy the Japan Rail Pass
Where to buy the Japan Rail Pass
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