You might have had a look at my things to do in Nagoya post or my Nagoya Travel Guide (if you haven’t I strongly suggest you do), but you are still wondering how one day in Nagoya could look like. If you are wondering what to do in Nagoya in one day, from morning till night, what to eat and where to stay then this post is for you. It is filled with many amazing Nagoya activities.

I compile the perfect Nagoya itinerary for first-time visitors.

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Have a Nagoya Morning – Breakfast Like a Local at Komeda’s Coffee

Image via Wikimedia Commons by 小太刀

Start your day like a real local by having a Nagoya Morning (also called a Nagoya Morning Service). At many cafes in Nagoya if you order a coffee in the morning (usually until 11 a.m.) you will get a toast and a boiled egg free or charge. Other variations include egg spread and Ogura toast. This service is called Morning (モーニング) and can only be found around Nagoya.

I recommend you visit a cafe chain called Komeda’s Coffee that originated in Nagoya but can now be found all over the country. They serve delicious coffee and also have a simple but delicious menu for lunch or cakes in the afternoon.

If you just arrived in Nagoya in the morning by train or bus you can find a Komeda’s Coffee close to Nagoya Station (there are about 5 close to the station, check Google Maps). Alternatively, if you have already spent one night in Nagoya you will probably also easily find one close to your accommodation.

Find more information about Komeda’s Coffee here!

Visit Nagoya Castle

Things to do in Nagoya Nagoya Castle

After your breakfast, it is time to visit the landmark of Nagoya: Nagoya Castle.

Nagoya Metro and Bus Information

You can get around Nagoya conveniently either by Metro or Meguru Tourist Loop Bus. Both options are quite cheap and convenient. GoogleMaps will be helpful for directions, including detailed information for Metro use.

In my opinion, Nagoya Castle is much nicer than Osaka Castle, Nagoya castle is worth a visit even if you have visited one or two other castles on your trip in Japan.

The recently renovated interior of the castle is really breathtaking with light woods and colorful paintings.

WIFI Spots, Portable WIFI, and Sim Card Information

In most stations in Nagoya, you will now find Free WIFI spots, or you can buy a portable WIFI or tourist Sim card on and pick it up when you arrive in Japan.
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Visit Atsuta Shrine

Atsuta Jingu Main Shrine Nagoya

The Atsuta Shrine in the south of Nagoya is one of the most important Shinto shrines in Japan. It houses the sword Kusanagi one of the three imperial regalia. Although, unfortunately, it is not displayed to the general public. Nevertheless, the almost 2000-year-old shrine is definitely worth a visit.

You can find all the relevant information about a visit to Atsuta Shrine by reading my post.

Have Kishimen for Lunch at Miya Kishimen

Tenoroshi Kishimen Miya Kishiment Atsuta Jingu Nagoya

Once you have satisfied your thirst for religion and history at the Atsuta Shrine you might as well also satisfy your hunger at Miya Kishimen, the restaurant on the grounds of Atsuta Jingu.

This historic restaurant has been serving this typical Nagoya dish for many years and has even expanded to different branches all over Nagoya.

But the atmosphere is best at the original restaurant next to Minamishinike Pond close to the gate of Atsuta Shrine.

If you want to find out more about Kishimen and other Nagoya dishes have a look at my Nagoya Food Guide.

Go Shopping at Osu Shopping Arcade

Things to do in Nagoya Osu Shopping Street

Osu Shopping Arcade right behind the Osu Kannon, one of the most important Buddhist temples in Nagoya, is an aging shopping street with a lot of character. The more than 400 shops and restaurants have been selling their wares and dishes for many years and here you can not only find cheap clothing and souvenirs but also delicious food (stop at Ganso Tenmusu Senju for some freshly made Tenmusu).

It is also a great place if you happen to have the misfortune of visiting Nagoya on a rainy day as the whole network of shopping streets is roofed over.

Find out more about the Osu shopping streets here.

Visit the Tokugawa Art Museum and Tokugawa Garden

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Gryffindor

During the Tokugawa era from 1603 to 1868 Nagoya was officially founded with the construction of Nagoya castle and the relocation of the nearby regional capital Kiyosu to Nagoya in 1614. The rulers of Nagoya were the Owari family one of the three major branches of the ruling Tokugawa family.

On the site of the former family residence, the Tokugawa Art Museum was constructed which now displays several of the Owari family treasures including swords and armors, utensils for tea ceremony as well as Noh theater masks and costumes.

Next to the museum is a beautiful landscaped garden which was formerly part of a retirement residence of the local lords but was unfortunately destroyed during the second world war.

The garden was restored and reopened to the public in 2004 and now visitors from all over the world can enjoy a stroll around the garden with its central pond and bridges.

Stroll Around Sakai at Night

By the time you have enjoyed all the activities on this Nagoya itinerary chances are it is getting dark already. But don’t worry, your day isn’t over yet and there is still more to do in Nagoya.

Aside from the bustling Nagoya Station area, Sakae is the second heart of the city. Very modern and especially interesting at night because of its many bars, restaurants and even a couple of night clubs. The beautiful lights of the city can be enjoyed for free during a stroll around the Oasis 21 and the Nagoya TV tower.

I also recommend at some point during the day to check out a Japanese convenience store or supermarket to buy some of the unique drinks in Japan or even try some of the strange snacks you can find only there.

Have Hitsumabushi for Dinner at Hitsumabushi Bincho LACHIC

hitsumabushi nagoya

Hitsumabushi is one of the staples of Nagoya cuisine. There are many delicious restaurants in Nagoya where you can try this dish.

Since you are already strolling around in the Sakae area, make your way to Hitsumabushi Bincho LACHIC, one of the best Hitsumabushi restaurants in the area.

If you want to find out more about Hitsumabushi, what it is, why it is so special and especially how to enjoy it correctly, check out my post about eating Hitsumabushi in Nagoya.

Have a Beer and Tebasaki at Sekai no Yamachan

Image via Wikimedia Commons by 円周率3パーセント

After enjoying some delicious Hitsumabushi you are probably quite full already, but a day in Nagoya wouldn’t be complete without a cold beer and some Nagoya style chicken wings, called Tebasaki.

You won’t believe how well these two go together and how perfect the end of your day in Nagoya will be if you end it at one of the Sekai no Yamachan restaurants, which serves some of the best Tebasaki in the city.

Where to Stay in Nagoya

nagoya station area

There are basically two areas in Nagoya that are very convenient to stay at. One is Sakae, where this itinerary of Nagoya ends, the other is Nagoya Station, where your trip to Nagoya will most likely begin and end (even if you come from Nagoya Airport).

You can find all the best areas to stay in Nagoya here.

If you want to see your best hotel options near Nagoya Station read this post.

If you are looking for a low budget hostel or hotel, these are your best options in both areas: (or you can check out the post about hostels in Nagoya here)

Nagoya Travellers Hostel (Sakae)

Nagoya Travellers Hostel is only a short walk from Sakae subway station and is great for young travelers on a low budget. The hostel features affordable beds in dormitory rooms as well as private rooms with air conditioning and free WIFI.

If you are on a tight budget while traveling in Japan book the Nagoya Travellers Hostel now on before it is fully booked.

Hostel Wasabi Nagoya Ekimae (Nagoya Station)

The Hostel Wasabi is located directly at Nagoya Station and is a very cheap and convenient option if you are on a tight budget. The bunk beds in the Japanese style dormitory are an adventure in itself but look very comfortable and clean and just generally very Japanese. There is a common area with books and other amenities.

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If you are looking for a luxurious hotel for your time in Nagoya, no problem, there are many options. You can have a look at the two hotels listed below or dive deeper by reading my post about the top 10 best hotels in Nagoya.

Nagoya Tokyu Hotel (Sakae)

The Nagoya Tokyu Hotel is for you if you really want to enjoy your stay in Nagoya. This five-star hotel features a fitness center including indoor pool and saunas as well as three restaurants serving French, Japanese Kaiseki, Chinese and international cuisines.

The luxurious European style rooms are spacious and comfortable including a mini bar, a flat-screen TV, bathrobes, and slippers which you can use after enjoying the bathtub in your private bath.

If you want to enjoy pure luxury in Nagoya book your stay at Nagoya Tokyu Hotel today via

The Strings Hotel Nagoya (Nagoya Station)

The Strings Hotel Nagoya is a boutique hotel close to Nagoya Station. This five-star hotel has many amenities such as a flat-screen TV, seating area and a tea kettle in the room. The rooms are very stylish and modern as are the private bathrooms.

If you want to enjoy modern Japanese comfort close to Nagoya Station book the Strings Hotel Nagoya now.

In Conclusion

This Nagoya one day itinerary is packed to the brim with all the things you can do in one day in Nagoya. From morning to late at night you will have a full program with the best that Nagoya has to offer.

If you have more than one day or are looking for some alternative things to do in Nagoya check out the Nagoya Travel Guide. And if you are looking for activities outside of Nagoya have a look at different day trips from Nagoya many of which are more convenient with a Japan Rail Pass.

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