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Do you want to find out if a certain restaurant is good, or do you want to find a great restaurant to visit, then this page will be very helpful to you. It is a collection of Restaurant Reviews. Currently we focus on restaurants in Nagoya but in future we want to include great restaurants from all over Japan.

A true Nagoya staple is Komeda’s Coffee, a great place to have breakfast or lunch and to simply relax. Check out the Komeda’s Coffee review!

If you are looking for a great restaurant serving Kishimen, the Udon of Nagoya I highly recommend Miya Kishimen. Their take-home noodles can be found in almost every souvenir shop in the city but the fresh noodles are of course the best. Visit Miya Kishimen at Atsuta Jingu in the south of Nagoya for a delicious experience.

For a full overview of all Nagoya food, check out the Nagoya Food Guide.

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