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If you have read any post on my website at all you might think I start to sound like a broken record, repeating the same message over and over and over.

Nagoya Meshi is delicious!

There, I said it again.

But this page is dedicated to Japanese food in general. I’ll cover all the delicious dishes that aren’t particular to Nagoya. But you can still find them there as well.

Japanese Food

Everyone has heard about Sushi, right? Unless you have been living under a rock all your life.

But there are many more delicious ( and may not delicious but at least interesting) foods in Japan that aren’t commonly known if you haven’t visited Japan before.

For all the first time visitors among you, I would like to introduce to you: Japanese food!

Japanese Restaurants outside Nagoya

Not only Nagoya has amazing restaurants you need to try (of course).

For this reason, I have started compiling a list of my favorite restaurants in the rest of Japan.

I hope you can visit a couple of them.


Japanese Drinks

Coca Cola and Fanta Orange are readily available in Japan. But so are Calpis and Melon Soda.

What I’m trying to say is aside from the ‘normal’ stuff, there are loads of drinks in Japan that you probably aren’t familiar with.

Check out the post below and try them all while you are in Japan!

Check back regularly, I add new content all the time!

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If you want to find more information about Nagoya Meshi, check out the Nagoya Food Guide.

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