Nagoya Travel Tips

This is a page filled with valuable tips and tricks for your trip to Nagoya, and Japan in general. It includes information on transportation around Japan and in Nagoya.

I also put together some valuable information on free WIFI spots and where to buy a Sim card or portable WIFI router if you really want one.

Transportation in Nagoya and Japan

The train system in Japan is just amazing. Trains are on time and frequent. This is what heaven must be like. But, the train system is also a little complicated since there are countless different companies operating the different subway and train lines in the cities.

The biggest of them is Japan Rail, or JR for short. They are the operators of the famous Shinkansen bullet trains, which whisp you from one city to another in almost no time at all. The best way to utilize these trains and stay on a budget, at least if you are planning on traveling around the country a lot in a short time, is the Japan Rail Pass. A tourist pass which allows its holder to use as many JR trains in a specified timeframe.

If this sounds good to you, check out my post ‘Where to buy the Japan Rail Pass right now‘ and learn more details about the different passes, alternatives and the best place to buy a Japan Rail Pass.

 In case you arrive at Nagoya airport you probably want to know the best, cheapest and most convenient way to get to the city. No problem, I have a post for you. Check out ‘How to get from Nagoya airport to Nagoya station or your hotel‘ to find the answers you are looking for.

Free WIFI, Sim Cards, and Portable WIFI Routers

In recent years Japan has done a lot to become more tourist-friendly. One of the steps they took is installing easily accessible WIFI all over Japan. In general, all train stations and even most bus stops offer free WIFI, the same goes for tourist information centers and even many tourist attractions such as Museums.

If you still think you can probably not live without constant internet access on your phone, I totally understand, I am the same. For you, I suggest either getting a Sim card or portable WIFI router. And it’s best to order one before you arrive in Japan, for example through Check out their different options here.


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