You arrive at the airport, in an unfamiliar country, with people speaking an unfamiliar language, you can’t even read the signs.

When I arrive in a new country I have a list that repeats itself over and over: ‘get some money from an ATM, buy a Sim Card, get to the hotel … get some money, buy a Sim Card, get to the hotel…’ and over and over.

To me arriving in a new country while traveling is pure stress, and the excitement and euphoria of exploring a new part of the world can only start once I completed my list.

Getting local currency, being connected to the internet and sitting in my hotel room.

Great Deals in Nagoya and the Rest of Japan

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If you are similar to me and are planning on arriving at Nagoya airport, this post will help you with one of the three problems: How to get from the airport to your hotel.

After reading this post you will know the different options to get from Nagoya airport to Nagoya station or your hotel in the city.

Let’s find the option that suits you best.

Chubu Centrair International Airport

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Chris 73

When I talk about Nagoya Airport I am talking about the Chubu Centrair International Airport with the airport code NGO.

Other commonly used names for Chubu Centrair International Airport are Chubu Airport, Nagoya International Airport, Centrair, Centrair Nagoya, Chubu International Airport, Nagoya Chubu Airport, Chubu Centrair Airport, or Chubu Nagoya Airport and any other variation of these words. Just know that they all mean the same airport.

There is a second airport in Nagoya, formerly known as Nagoya Airport (until 2005 when Chubu Centrair International Airport was inaugurated), it now has the official name Nagoya Airfield or Komaki Airport and it only serves domestic flights.

Where is Chubu Airport

Nagoya Airport lies on an artificial island 35 kilometers south of Nagoya city. The airport is conveniently connected to the city by a railway line but there are other ways to get to the city as well, such as buses, taxis and private transfer services.

Stay at Nagoya Airport

If the thought of finding your way to the city right after a long-haul flight seems like hell to you, you should consider spending a night at Nagoya Airport before trying to make your way to the city.

There are 5 hotels directly at the airport, and a couple more just one or two train stations away.

Read this post to find the perfect hotel for your stay at Nagoya Airport.

If you decide to stay around the airport and still want to experience something close by how about a short trip to Tokoname’s Pottery Path. Here you can get to know a different side of Japan.

Your Transportation Options

From the arrival hall walk up the walkway to the so-called Access Plaza. From here you can reach all the different transportation options available to you.

To your left, you will find the Meitetsu train station. On your right is the lift to the bus station, taxi stand, as well as car rental service counters. If you walk straight you will get to the different park houses.

If you choose to book a private car transfer from the airport to your hotel they will either pick you up at the taxi stand or at one of the park houses. Make sure you know where to meet your driver.

The Access Plaza is also the place to withdraw some Japanese yen, buy your travel Sim card or rent a WIFI router.

By Meitetsu Train from Nagoya Airport to Nagoya Train Station

Chubu International Airport has very convenient public transport connecting it with the city in the form of the Meitetsu line.

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Cassiopeia sweet

μSky (pronounced MuSky like the greek letter) Limited Express trains stop at only 2 stations before arriving at Nagoya Station, they are the fastest trains, taking only 28 minutes to reach Nagoya, and require special reserved seat tickets. The price for the μSky is 1230 yen (12 US dollars) but it has the advantage of guaranteeing a place to sit.

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Meitetsu Rapid Limited Express and Meitetsu Limited Express trains have reserved cars like the μSky Limited Express but also normal cars where you do not have to pay extra for your seat reservation.

The trains stop at more stations than the μSky and will, therefore, take slightly longer, around 35 minutes to reach Nagoya Station.

The price for a non-reserved seat is 870 yen (8.5 US dollars) and if you are unlucky you might have to stand the whole way. Just note that Nagoya Airport is the first stop of the train so the cars will arrive empty giving you a good chance to get a seat.

Image via Wikimedia Commons by ButuCC

There are also Rapid Express, Express, Semi Express, and Local trains. They only have normal cars costing also 870 yen (8.5 US dollars). The difference here is just the number of stops the train makes on the way to Nagoya which will result in longer travel time.

The train operation time is from around 5:30 in the morning to 11:30 at night. If you arrive outside of these operation times you will have to find another form of transport to the city or wait at the airport.

You can buy your train tickets at the big arrival hall at Centrair Airport, just be advised that you cannot pay with a credit card for your train ticket, only cash.

If you do not want the hassle of having to buy a ticket when you arrive, you can buy your ticket very conveniently in advance online on You will get a voucher which you can exchange for your train ticket at the airport.

This also has the advantage that it is a little bit cheaper than the regular price: The μSky ticket costs only 1150 yen instead of 1230 yen and the normal train ticket costs 800 yen instead of 870 yen!

Once you know your arrival date book your train ticket on

By Airport Limousine Bus to Downtown Nagoya from Nagoya Airport

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Comyu

If you want to go anywhere beside Nagoya Station you might want to check out the Meitetsu Nagoya Airport Limousin Bus which makes stops at some of the best hotels in the city (Hilton Nagoya, Nagoya Kanko Hotel, Nagoya Tokyu Hotel) as well as other areas in downtown Nagoya such as Fushimi, Nishiki, and Sakae before arriving at Nagoya Station Meitetsu Bus Terminal.

If you don’t know where you will stay yet, this post will help you figure out where to stay in Nagoya.

You do not need an advanced reservation to take the Centrair limousine bus and you can get off at the hotel stops even if you are not a guest at the respective hotel.

The bus costs 1300 yen for adults and 650 yen for children and takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on where in Nagoya you want to get off.

Buses run hourly from 8:15 a.m. to 10:15 p.m. The detailed bus schedule is as follows:

Chubu Centrair International Airport08:15 a.m.... (hourly)...10:15 p.m.
Nagoya Tokyu Hotel09:05 a.m.... (hourly)...11:05 p.m.
Sakae09:10 a.m.... (hourly)...11:10 p.m.
Nishiki Dori Hommachi09:13 a.m.... (hourly)...11:13 p.m.
Nagoya Kanko Hotel09:16 a.m.... (hourly)...11:16 p.m.
Hilton Nagoya09:23 a.m.... (hourly)...11:23 p.m.
Fushimi-cho09:26 a.m.... (hourly)...11:26 p.m.
Nagoya Station Meitetsu Bus Center09:33 a.m.... (hourly)...11:33 p.m.

There are 2 buses operated by Nagoya Bus Co. that run at 2:20 a.m. and 5:40 a.m. for those people arriving in the middle of the night.

These buses only go to Nagoya Station West Gate and cost 1400 yen (cash only).

If you do not want to wait for up to 3 hours for your next bus you need to find another alternative like a private transfer (more information below).

By Taxi from Nagoya Airport to the City

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Ypy31

A Taxi is the most expensive option to get from Chubu Airport to Nagoya Station.

While it will get you to the city in only about 45 minutes (faster than the bus, but slower than the train) your very comfortable and convenient ride will cost you around 15.000 yen (150 US dollars).

By Private Airport Transfer from Nagoya Airport to Your Hotel

If you are thinking about taking a taxi from the airport to the city, you might as well book your private airport transfer in advance.

It is essentially the same as a taxi but you do not have the hassle of hailing one yourself and explaining where you want to go. This will already all be done at the time of booking on

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If you are a group of 3 or more people and you think taking the train or bus will be too inconvenient a private airport transfer is the way to go because a standard taxi will probably not have the capacity to fit you and your luggage in one car. There are different options for up to 8 people available.

A private airport transfer is also the best option if you arrive late at night between 11:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. when the trains and buses aren’t in operation.

You can conveniently book your private airport transfer from Chubu Airport to Nagoya on

Nagoya Airport Car Rental

Your last option is a car rental directly at Chubu International Airport. You can pick up your car and drive to Nagoya yourself. This only makes sense if you are planning on exploring more of the country by car.

Be advised that in most cases you will need an international drivers license to drive in Japan and you can only get this in your own country before you depart. Check the regulations for your country here.

Parking in Nagoya city is limited and therefore expensive, not as expensive as Tokyo but it still can burn a hole in your travel budget. It is best to call your hotel in advances whether free or paid parking is available and how much it costs. Most major roads in Japan are toll roads and driving in Japan can get expensive quite quickly.

It might even be cheaper to forget about taking a car and opting to explore the country by train.

japan rail pass banner of

The Japan Rail Pass is a great way to see a lot of the country for a fixed price. Check out the full article about the Japan Rail Pass before making a definite decision. Or book your Japan Rail Pass here today.

In Conclusion

The cheapest ways to get from Chubu Cetrair International Airport to Nagoya Station or your hotel are the Meitetsu train line or the limousine bus. Only in case you are looking for more comfort or traveling outside the operating hours is it advisable to book a private transfer to get to your destination in Nagoya.

Now that you know how to get to Nagoya it is time to find out more about the city. You can do that by reading the Nagoya Travel Guide. You can find other travel tips here.

The best way to experience Nagoya is on a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.
8 foods and snacks in 3.5 hours with in-depth info will make this one unforgettable experience.
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