Chicken wings.

Who doesn’t love them!

Apparently Japanese people until a couple of decades ago. They would be thrown out as garbage because no one knew how to prepare delicious chicken wings. Whaaat?

This changed. Thank god!

Now chicken wings are widely popular in Japan, and especially in Nagoya, they are a menu item you simply cannot miss.

In Japanese, chicken wings are called Tebasaki. Let me introduce to you the best places to try Tebasaki in Nagoya!

The best way to experience Nagoya is on a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.
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Where to Try the Best Tebasaki in Nagoya?

Most Izakaya (Japanese bars) in Nagoya serve their own version of Tebasaki with special spices and secret recipes.

But there are a couple of restaurants and Izakaya you really cannot miss if you want to try the best and most famous Tebasaki in Nagoya.

Nagoya Meshi Food Tour

Nagoya Food Tour at Yamamotoya in Sakae

The easiest way to learn more about Tebasaki and other local Nagoya food is by joining a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour. These tours run daily from 2:30 p.m. for about 3 hours.

During that time you will not only get to try delicious Tebasaki together with a cold drink but also other specialties such as Hitsumabushi, Miso Nikomi Udon, Tenmusu and more.

If group tours aren’t really your thing or you have special requests we can also plan a Private Food Tour together.

Sekai no Yamachan

For your first experience of Nagoya style chicken wings, I recommend Sekai no Yamachan.

One serving of their famous chicken wings called Maboroshi Tebasaki is 5 pieces and costs 480 yen. The chicken wings are deep-fried without batter and seasoned with a delicious mix of spices and a lot of pepper and salt.

The other variation Kurotebasaki which means black chicken wings is 3 pieces for 390 yen and is sauce-flavored which gives it its black color and sweet taste.

Yamachan has devised a special method of eating chicken wings easily and without leaving any meat on the bone. You can find the instructions on the chopstick wrapper (in Japanese) or on their website (in English). Try it!

While chicken wings are their staple dish, Yamachan serves many other local Nagoya dishes such as Ankake Spaghetti, Teppan Spaghetti, and Miso Katsu. You can also order Kishimen or Tenmusu.

Outside Sekai no Yamachan in Nagoya

Sekai no Yamachan has so many stores in Nagoya it feels like they are around every corner. I suggest you type ‘Sekai no Yamachan’ or simply ‘Yamachan’ in Google Maps to find the store closest to you.

The one shop I often visit is east of Nagoya Station.

Opening Hours: 5:00 p.m. – 12:15 a.m.
Address: 4-16-27 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002
Website | Google Maps


Furaibo is said to have been the first shop to sell Tebasaki in Nagoya. Their chicken wings come in servings of 5 for 450 yen seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce perfect for the whole family.

They have a special method of eating chicken wings without leaving any meat on the bone. You will find the explanation at your table.

The best way to experience Nagoya is on a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.
8 foods and snacks in 3.5 hours with in-depth info will make this one unforgettable experience.
Check out the details!

Furaibo is very popular and the first time I tried to get a table it was a wait of more than an hour, so I gave up.

You can find multiple locations around Nagoya Station, one in the Esca Underground Shopping Street and one each on either side of the station. Other shops are located in Sakae District the downtown area of Nagoya.

Opening Hours: 3:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. closed Sundays
Address: Century Toyota Building B1F 4-9-8 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya Aichi 450-0002
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

Maka Maka Honten

Located in Sakae District Maka Make Honten serves two kinds of chicken wings: Kin no Tebasaki (Golden Chicken Wings) and Gin no Tebasaki (Silver Chicken Wings).

They are made from Nagoya Cochin a special kind of chicken breed from Nagoya. The meat of Nagoya Cochin Chicken is said to be rich in Umami and have a special texture. It is one of only three nationally protected chicken breeds.

Kin no Tebasaki are seasoned with a special soy sauce blend topped with cayenne and black pepper. The golden color comes from white sesame.

Gin on Tebasaki, on the other hand, is seasoned with a salty sauce with a hint of garlic. It is topped with black sesame which is supposed to represent the silver color.

Both dishes are a serving of two chicken wings for 480 yen.

Maka Maka is not only specialized in chicken wings but serves other local Nagoya specialties such as Hitsumabushi, Miso Katsu, and Dote Ni. They also serve a Nagoya Style Keichan Yaki a mix of Nagoya Cochin and Hatcho Miso, the special dark red Miso from Aichi.

Opening Hours: 5:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Address: GK Building 2F 3-11-13 Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0008
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps


Torikai serves Nagoya Cochin Chicken dishes at many locations around Nagoya.

The Tebasaki at Torikai are made from Nagoya Cochin, and seasoned with only the best salt and sauce before being fried to perfection. A serving of chicken wings comes in sets of 3 and costs 720 yen.

The best way to experience Nagoya is on a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.
8 foods and snacks in 3.5 hours with in-depth info will make this one unforgettable experience.
Check out the details!

You can also order a Tabekurabe set which will let you compare the Nagoya Cochin chicken wings to normal chicken wings. It is a serving of 2 wings each and costs 720 yen.

The chicken wings at Torikai are so special that they have won the Karaage Grand Prix in the category chicken wings for 3 years in a row.

Their delicious Tebasaki, however, can only be found at three shops, the Nagoya Station West Shop, Nagoya Station South Shop, and Fushimi Shop.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Sat + Sun 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Address: 1-17-14 Meiekiminami, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0003
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps


Big Nagoya Cochin Tebasaki at Torigin Nagoya

At Torigin you are served only the best and freshest kind of Nagoya Cochin. Slaughtered the same day, you won’t find fresher meat anywhere.

They serve their Tebasaki in sets of 2 for 580 yen. Specialized in Nagoya Cochin you can enjoy many other dishes made with Nagoya Cochin such as Nagoya Cochin Nabe, Nagoya Cochin Skewers and even Nagoya Cochin Sashimi, which is raw chicken meat.

The atmosphere at Torigin is also spectacular. A traditional Japanese building with a Japanese garden you can overlook while eating in one of the private rooms.

Torigin is located in Sakae District a short walk from Sakae or Hisayaodori Station.

Opening Hours: 5:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Address: Miyagi Building 3-14-14-22 Nishiki, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0003
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps


For a different kind of Tebasaki, visit Misen. This restaurant serving Chinese and Taiwanese dishes has a delicious variation of Tebasaki that is cooked in a spicy sauce. The meat is so tender it almost falls off the bone and the spiciness is a real kick. With a glass of beer (or Oolong Tea in my case), you won’t be able to stop eating these chicken wings.

Their specialty, by the way, is not Tebasaki, but rather Taiwan Ramen, another true Nagoya staple.

The main shop of Misen is located at Imaike Station but there are convenient restaurants close to Nagoya Station, and one in Yaba between Osu and Sakae.

Opening Hours: 5:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.
Address: 1-12-10 Imaike, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0850
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

Tebasaki as a Souvenir

I was shocked to find out that you can buy vacuum-sealed chicken wings at gift shops in Nagoya. They keep for a surprisingly long time (even a couple of months).

All you have to do after you have brought them home with you is fry them and enjoy your own delicious chicken wings from Nagoya.

Unfortunately, you cannot take raw meat to most countries, so if you want to take home some chicken wings you should first check the regulations in your country.

Alternatively, you could buy chicken wing flavored snacks as a souvenir from Nagoya. For more souvenir ideas read here.

Final Thoughts on Tebasaki

Once you have tried as many Tebasaki as you can possibly eat it is time to explore more of what the Nagoya cuisine has to offer.

You can do that on your own (reading the Nagoya Food Guide is a good start) or by joining a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour where you will learn a lot more about the local cuisine, try delicious food, and get extra information about Japanese culture, manners, and history. If that sounds good check here for more information!

Other delicious dishes from Nagoya we try on the tour are Miso Nikomi Udon, Hitsumabushi, and Oni Manju!

A visit to one of these restaurants is the perfect thing to do in Nagoya at night after most tourist attractions like museums and gardens are closed. For more ideas on things to do in Nagoya at night click here.

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