If you are looking to get from Tokyo to Nagoya you have a wide range of options to do just that.

But not all ways to go from Tokyo to Nagoya are equal. Some are faster others are cheaper.

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This post will help you make an informed decision about which option is best for you with detailed instructions on where to get the necessary tickets to get to Nagoya from Tokyo.

Distance between Tokyo and Nagoya

Nagoya isn’t too far from Tokyo. Only around 260 kilometers or 160 miles. So, it is reasonable to think that it shouldn’t take too much time and effort to get from Tokyo to Nagoya.

And you are absolutely right, there are trains, buses, and flights between Tokyo and Nagoya and of course you always have the option to rent a car and drive yourself.

Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya

Nagoya Travel Tips

The fastest option to get from Tokyo to Nagoya is the Shinkansen bullet train. With speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour, you will reach Nagoya in about 100 minutes if you ride the fastest train called Nozomi, which only stops at Shinagawa (Tokyo) and Yokohama if you ride from Tokyo Station.

It takes a little bit longer if you ride the Hikari (110 minutes) or Kodama (3 hours) Shinkansen. These trains stop at more stations on the way to Nagoya which accounts for the longer travel time.

All Shinkansen trains except the Nozomi are covered by the Japan Rail Pass, a convenient tourist pass that lets you use almost all JR trains in Japan (with a couple of exceptions) for a set amount of time (between 1 and 3 weeks). This is an amazing option if you are planning on visiting multiple cities during your Japan trip.

If you are only planning on traveling from Tokyo to Nagoya paying the 10,360 yen one-way fare is cheaper.

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A seat reservation is not required but you can get it for an additional 640 yen. Without a seat reservation, you can only ride in the cars that don’t require a reservation.

Since you are planning on taking the train from Tokyo, the first stop of the Tokaido Shinkansen route it is usually not necessary to get a reserved seat and you can usually get a non-reserved seat easily.

On public holidays in Japan, the trains can get very crowded and reserved seats will be booked out very quickly.

Reservation for Shinkansen trains is possible at all JR train stations. You can either go to the ‘Midori no Madoguchi’, which is the ticket office or use a machine to buy your tickets. Machines can be switched to English so it shouldn’t be too hard to do. Shinkansen train reservations are only possible 1 month in advance.

If you want to change your ticket for whatever reason to another time or another date this is possible free of charge if you take your ticket to a ‘Midori no Madoguchi’ before the planned time of travel indicated on your ticket.

Train from Tokyo to Nagoya

Image via Wikimedia Commons by T. Hanami

There are no direct regular trains between Tokyo and Nagoya and therefore the train journey will include about 3 transfers and take roughly 6 hours.

From Tokyo Station take the JR Tokaido Line Acty Train to Atami Station. At Atami Station transfer to the JR Tokaido Line Local Train to Kakegawa Station. From there take another JR Tokaido Line Local Train to Toyohashi Station and from there take the JR Tokaido Line express train bound for Nagoya.

The cost of this connection is not cheap, at around 6380 yen one way. But it is roughly half as much as the Shinkansen and a possible option if you have a lot of time, or if you want to do a couple of stops in between to explore other parts of the country.

Bus from Tokyo to Nagoya

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Comyu

Highway buses connecting Tokyo and Nagoya take between 5 and 6 hours. There are daytime as well as overnight buses.

Your cheapest option is a Willer Express bus which will cost from as little as 2500 yen but can also be as expensive as a Shinkansen train ticket depending on the date, time and type of seat on the bus.

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All Willer Express buses from Tokyo leave from the Shinjuku Station bus terminal but arrive in different places around Nagoya Station. The buses also take different routes on the way from Tokyo to Nagoya. So, some buses are faster than others.

Willer Buses have different kinds of seats offering different levels of comfort. The prices vary widely.

You can check prices and book your bus ticket conveniently on the Willer website in English.

Flights from Tokyo Airport to Nagoya Airport

There are multiple flights from Tokyo to Nagoya every day, from both Narita and Haneda Airports.

While the flight itself does only take 1 hour and 5 minutes, it isn’t really the quickest or cheapest way to go from Tokyo to Nagoya. A cheap flight between Nagoya and Tokyo is usually around 6000 yen, on weekends around 10000 yen.

It takes some time to reach Haneda (30 minutes) or Narita (50 minutes) from central Tokyo. These trains or buses from Tokyo to the airport cost between 500 yen and 5000 yen depending on the airport and form of transportation.

Checking in at the airport, boarding and generally waiting will take around 1 to 2 hours.

And the train from Nagoya Airport to Nagoya Station will again add to the price of the trip as well as add another 30 minutes.

Even with the best train connections and the shortest time possibly spent at the airports the total travel time between Tokyo and Nagoya would be 3 hours.

The cheapest price will be around 8100 yen if you book well in advance. Check out skyscanner.com for your options.

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Driving between Tokyo and Nagoya

Image via Wikimedia Commons by MASA

If you do not want to use public transport and you want the flexibility of a car you can drive from Tokyo to Nagoya.

It is a 350-kilometer drive which takes 4 hours and 40 minutes if the roads are free and there are no traffic jams.

Highways in Japan are toll roads that you have to pay when using them. They aren’t cheap and add up quickly on a 350-kilometer long journey. Expect to pay around 8000 yen.

Add that to the cost of the car rental (5000 yen per day) and it can be quite expensive to go by car to Nagoya from Tokyo. Don’t forget you also have to pay for fuel.

It really only makes sense to go by car if you are more than 2 people and you have a cheap rental.

Find the cheapest rental car on rentalcars.com they have a wide selection of pickup locations, brands, and car types.

Final Thoughts

No matter which option you choose to get to Nagoya from Tokyo, enjoy your trip as an experience!

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