Dishes from Nagoya

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and of course all the snacks in between are what makes my day perfect.

If you are any similar, you probably want to try only the best dishes available in Nagoya. And as much variety as possible, am I right?

That’s why I have dedicated a whole post to each of my favorite foods in Nagoya, including recommendations on where to try each dish while you are in the city.

Start learning about the best dishes and the best restaurants to try them at. 

Typical Ingredients in Nagoya Cooking

One of the reasons the cooking in Nagoya is special and different from other parts of the country are the special ingredients that are being used.

Hatcho Miso is an important ingredient in the Nagoya-style kitchen. Being used in dishes such as Miso Nikomi Udon, Miso Katsu, Dote Ni and many more.

Breakfast in Nagoya

Breakfast is a very important meal.

In Nagoya breakfast is an experience called Nagoya Morning or Nagoya Morning Service.

You will find Nagoya Morning Service at almost every coffee shop in town. Just keep your eyes open.

Another breakfast staple of Nagoya is Ogura toast. Golden-brown toast spread with Ogura-an red bean paste.

Main Dishes from Nagoya

No matter if its lunch or dinner you can’t go wrong with any of the main dishes listed below.

And the list is growing all the time because Nagoya just has that many delicious dishes!

Side Dishes from Nagoya

It’s perfect if you can try two Nagoya specialties at the same time. The main dish from the list above with a side dish.

You could combine Kishimen and Tenmusu. Eat some Hitsumabushi with delicious Moriguchizuke Pickles or have some Dote-ni with your Miso Katsu.

Two birds, one stone. 

Snacks & Sweets from Nagoya

For in-between sightseeing and shopping and whatever else takes your fancy in Nagoya, you could try these snacks and sweets as an energy booster.

Oni Manju are sweet rice cakes made with lots of sweet potato, a real energy booster for that afternoon low.

Or have some Ebi Senbei, rice crackers made from whole shrimp.

If you are looking for a list of great Nagoya souvenirs check out this post.

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