Dishes from Nagoya

If you would like to know more about the different dishes from Nagoya you are in the right place. For each Nagoya Meshi, there is a dedicated post here telling you more about the dish as well as different restaurants around Nagoya where you can try it.

For a full overview of all Nagoya food, check out the Nagoya Food Guide.

My absolute favorite Nagoya dish is Hitsumabushi, the local freshwater eel dish. Read more about Hitsumabushi and where to try it in Nagoya

Another dish I recommend is Kishimen, flat and broad Udon noodles. Find out where to eat the best Kishimen in Nagoya.

Miso is a favorite ingredient in Nagoya, many different dishes use the local Hatcho Miso to create delicious dishes. One of the best is Miso Katsu. Find out more about it.


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