If you want a unique experience and at the same time save some money on accommodation a capsule hotel in Nagoya seems like a logical choice.

These hotels are as cheap as hostels but way more interesting in the sense that they are part of the Japanese culture.

Capsule hotels were invented to give tired businessmen a place to sleep after a long workday and even longer night out with colleagues. The trains in Japan stop going after midnight and there is no cheap or convenient way to get home after that.

For a comparatively small fee, men could get a couple of hours of sleep and a hot shower before heading back to work. At the time capsule hotels were conceived they were exclusively for men, and that fact hasn’t changed all that much with only a fraction of capsule hotels even nowadays allowing women to stay.

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In this post, I am going to introduce to you the best capsule hotels in Nagoya that are easily accessible and bookable by foreigners. For a unique and cheap night in Nagoya.

Capsule Hotels in Nagoya at a Glance

In the below table you will find the 5 best capsule hotels in Nagoya including whether they are male-only or not, the number of stars, the location, and price point.

Use the buttons to book your Nagoya capsule hotel on booking.com or Agoda.

First Cabin TKP Nagoya StationMale + FemaleNagoya Station$
Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premium Nagoya SakaeMale + Female★★Sakae Station$
Nine Hours Nagoya StationMale + Female★★Nagoya Station$
Wellbe SakaeMale onlySakae Station$
Capsule Cabin Petit NagoyaMale onlyNagoya Station$

I did not stay at any of these hotels, I used the descriptions of the hotels from booking.com. Additionally, I analyzed the reviews of previous hotel guests and mention the facts (good or bad) that have been written by multiple reviewers.

First Cabin TKP Nagoya Station

First Cabin TKP Nagoya Station might just be your best option to experience a modern, clean, and simply amazingly well thought through Nagoya capsule hotel.

This capsule hotel is located just a 7-minute walk from Nagoya Station (the best area to stay in Nagoya) and offers a 24-hour front desk, a shared lounge, drink vending machines, and coin laundry.

A simple continental breakfast is served for an additional charge. The shared bathroom has showers as well as a big hot pool to relax at. Towels and toiletries are available for free, as are slippers.

The capsules are quite amazing as well. There are three types to choose from.

Economy capsules are the most budget-friendly, but also the smallest. Stacked two on top of each other these capsules have an air-condition, TV, as well as a safety deposit box. But there is no space to store luggage. Economy capsules seem to be available for men only.

Standard capsules are available for males and females (but they are located on different floors). These capsules are much more comfortable and while there is just a bed in the small space the ceiling is much higher than with the economy capsules and there are no upper bunks.

The highest class of capsules at First Cabin TKP Nagoya Station are superior capsules that remind more of a tiny hotel room than a capsule. With a bed, storage space below the bed and a small table next to the bed. These capsules seem especially comfortable.

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Overall previous guests have loved their stay at this capsule hotel. With compliments for the good breakfast, helpful staff, and a great public bath.

Many did complain that the hotel was not easy to find because it is located in a side street. And of course, if you are a light sleeper a capsule hotel is not a good choice as you are only separated by a curtain from other guests who might make noise.

Book your stay at First Cabin TKP Nagoya Station today on booking.com or Agoda.

Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premium Nagoya Sakae

The Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premium Nagoya Sakae is a newly opened capsule hotel in Nagoya’s downtown area Sakae just a couple of minutes away from the station.

This hotel features a 24-hour front desk, coin laundry, a lounge with a bar, a la cart breakfast options that are included in the room rate, and a spa with multiple pools and a sauna.

There are multiple types of capsules to choose from, and female, as well as male floors, are available.

The deluxe capsule seems to be the cheapest option with two capsules stacked on top of each other. All capsules have air-conditioning and a TV.

Superior capsules seem to be available for men only and do not differ much from deluxe capsules except for the facilities inside the small capsule with a bigger TV for example.

The most comfortable type of capsule are premium capsules with a small desk with a chair in front of the capsule. There is some storage space as well.

This hotel is so new that there aren’t any reviews on booking.com or even Google Maps yet. But judging from the pictures it seems amazing!

Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premium Nagoya Sakae can be booked on booking.com or on the Agoda website.

Nine Hours Nagoya Station

Nine Hours Nagoya Station is a modern capsule hotel that will open its doors in February 2020. This futuristic hotel is everything one needs for a good night’s sleep on a budget.

The hotel is located not too far from Nagoya Station and offers its guests a 24-hour front desk. This hotel doesn’t serve any food but a comfortable lounge is available to all guests. Free WIFI is available throughout the property.

Nine Hours Nagoya Station doesn’t have many options, there is one type of capsule, a shared bath and that’s it. Amenities such as free toiletries and towels are available.

Book your stay at Nine Hours Nagoya Station via booking.com today. Or stay by booking on Agoda.

Wellbe Sakae (Male Only)

Wellbe Sakae welcomes only male guests in the Sakae district of Nagoya. It is located just a couple of minute’s walk from Sakae station in the nightlife area of Nagoya.

The hotel welcomes its guests with a 24-hour front desk, as well as spa facilities with indoor and outdoor tubs, a sauna, as well as a movie room to relax at.

Buffet breakfast at the restaurant is available and included in the price.

There are two types of capsules at Wellbe Sakae. Standard and Superior Capsule Rooms. They seem to vary only slightly and also cost almost the same price. The capsules are all stacked two on top of each other with power sockets inside the capsule.

The reviews of this capsule hotel are mostly positive with many people enjoying the great spa facilities available. The breakfast was also appreciated. But the free WIFI on offer seems to be quite bad.

Book your relaxing stay at Wellbe Sakae today on booking.com or Agoda.

Capsule Cabin Petit Nagoya (Male Only)

Capsule Cabin Petit Nagoya welcomes only male guests. It is located very close to Nagoya Station, one of the best areas to stay in Nagoya.

The hotel offers a 24-hour front desk, free WIFI throughout the property as well as a vending machine.

All capsules are the same in this hotel and are equipped with a TV and airconditioning. The shared bathrooms are simple and there is a restaurant serving simple Japanese meals.

Guests are overall very satisfied with their stay, with compliments to comfort, location, and food. The staff is helpful but doesn’t speak much English.

Book your stay at Capsule Cabin Petit Nagoya on Agoda today.

Final Thoughts on Capsule Hotels in Nagoya

Nagoya has more than these capsule hotels mentioned above, but they are not listed on booking.com or Agoda, which for me is a sign they do not necessarily want to welcome foreign guests.

The choices mentioned above, especially the first 3 that welcome women also are great options to experience a capsule hotel in Nagoya and to get a good night’s sleep as well.

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