I love Japanese food so much I could eat it every day. While I was living in Tokyo there was one Udon restaurant I loved above all others. I would go there about 2 to 3 times a week, and even after moving to Nagoya I still dream about it sometimes. I am yet to find an Udon restaurant as delicious as Taniya in Ningyocho.

The Udon at Taniya is not only incredibly delicious because the noodles are made fresh by hand just before you eat them, but also cheap and the flavor is super authentic.

If you want to try real Udon in Tokyo, and not the kind offered in many of the chain restaurants, you should head to Taniya in Ningyocho in the center of Tokyo.

The Atmosphere at Taniya

Taniya Udon Restaurant in Ningyocho Tokyo outside front

The restaurant has a simple front with a big window from where you can watch the cook roll out the dough and cut the Udon noodles by hand.

Taniya Udon Restaurant in Ningyocho Tokyo

There is a long counter from where you can watch the cooks at work and in the back, some tables for groups.

If you are not too many people in your party I recommend you take a seat at the counter and watch the hustle and bustle in the kitchen while you wait for your food to arrive.

The Menu

Udon at Taniya Restaurant in Ningyocho Tokyo

There is an English menu with explanations that makes ordering much easier than trying to figure out the Japanese menu (without pictures). The main item on the menu is, no surprise there … Udon. But there are different ways to enjoy the thick wheat flour noodles. Some variation are Udon in Dashi soup, Udon with egg, Udon to dip in a broth.

You can eat Udon all year around. In winter, you will enjoy the Udon with hot soup to warm up your body and in summer chilled as a refreshing dish to fight the humid heat in the Japanese capital.

You can choose between a normal-sized serving (300 g), a big serving (400 g) or a small serving (200 g). I am usually fine with a normal serving but if you are very hungry you might like a big one. The price is the same no matter the serving size.

Tenpura at Taniya Udon Restaurant in Ningyocho Tokyo

The typical side menu for Udon is Tempura. Deep-fried vegetables, meat or fish that you can choose either one by one or as a set.

The Best Udon in Tokyo

Udon at Taniya Restaurant in Ningyocho Tokyo

In my opinion, the best item on the menu, and therefore the best Udon in Tokyo is Kamatama Olive Udon. Udon noodles topped with an egg, olive oil, an olive, and some bacon. You season it with only a bit of soy sauce to your liking. Simple and delicious.

The Best Udon on a Budget

For roughly 1000 Yen (10$) you can eat until you are full. Which makes it one of the cheaper options of eating out in Japan. The Udon itself costs somewhere between 700 and 1000 Yen depending on what kind of variation you want to try. And the Tempura is roughly 100 Yen apiece.

As is standard in all restaurants in Japan, you will get water for free but you can, of course, order some other drinks. For example, Whole Lemon Sour is a specialty at Taniya.

There is no tipping culture in Japan and the prices on the menu are all including tax. So, you really only pay exactly what is written, no hidden costs.

Restaurant Information at a Glance

If you want to try the best Udon in Tokyo head over to Taniya. All the information you might need can be conveniently found in the box below.

Opening Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Address: 2-15-17 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 103-0013
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Final Thoughts on the Best Udon Restaurant in Tokyo

The best Udon in Tokyo can be enjoyed at a small restaurant called Taniya, which is conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo.

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