Are you planning a trip to Nagoya and want to make it an exceptional experience? It is not only important what kind of activities you do during the day, but also to rest during the night and to really let yourself go from the stress of everyday life. And there is no better way to do that than to stay in on of the best hotels in Nagoya (Japan), luxury hotels with 4 or 5 stars, that will let you unwind completely for a surprisingly low price compared to other cities in Japan.

In Nagoya, you can find famous international hotel brands such as Hilton and Marriott but also homegrown luxury brands that will let you experience Japan in every detail.

If you were wondering where to stay in Nagoya, the best area to stay in Nagoya is either around Nagoya Station in a Nagoya Station Hotel such as the Marriott Hotel Nagoya or in a Nagoya luxury hotel in Sakae district. Both of these areas have great restaurants and ample shopping opportunities nearby as well as the best subway access.

Let’s get started by comparing the top 10 best hotels in Nagoya. The prices for a room at any given hotel differ greatly from day to day and season to season, which makes it hard to write an amount in the table. Instead, I compared the hotels with each other. For the ones that are constantly most expensive I put ‘$$$’, the ones that are comparatively cheapest are ‘$’ and the ones with a mid-value have a ‘$$’ in the price column.

Hilton Nagoya★★★★★Sakae - Fushimi Station$$$
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel★★★★★Nagoya Station$$$
Nagoya Tokyu Hotel★★★★★Sakae - Sakae Station$$$
Nagoya Kanko Hotel★★★★★Sakae - Fushimi Station$$$
Hotel Nagoya Castle★★★★★Nagoya Castle - Sengencho Station$$$
Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower★★★★★Nagoya Station - Sasashima Raibu Station$$
The Strings Hotel Nagoya★★★★★Nagoya Station - Sasashima Raibu Station$$
Hotel Trusty Nagoya★★★★Sakae - Sakae Station$
Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel★★★★Nagoya Station$
Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Nagoya★★★★Sakae - Hisayaodori Station$

I did not stay at any of these hotels, I used the descriptions of the hotels from Additionally, I analyzed the reviews of previous hotel guests and mention the facts (good or bad) that have been written by multiple reviewers.

Hilton Nagoya

Hilton is a household name for luxury hotels and the brand has been firmly established in Japan for many years. With Japan’s attention to detail and customer first thinking in all they are doing one might argue that a stay at Hilton Nagoya is even better than a stay at any other Hilton around the world.

The hotel features a fitness center, indoor swimming pool, and aerobics classes. There is a free shuttle to Nagoya Station as well as Nagoya Castle on the weekends for your comfort.

Have an exceptional breakfast buffet to start your day energized for a day of sightseeing. Five restaurants invite you to enjoy a delicious dinner right on the premises, they feature Japanese as well as Chinese cuisine.

Worst Parts

The location was the main concern of hotel guests, as the hotel is not directly at Nagoya Station and requires a 450-meter walk to the closest subway and a one station subway ride to Nagoya Station.

There is a shuttle bus to Nagoya Station but many guests complained it doesn’t leave often enough and is often fully booked in advance.

Another complaint is the quality of the breakfast buffet since it is described as not as good as expected. But this seems a subjective matter.

Best Parts

For a really unique experience book the Japanese suite. This stylish room is decorated in an authentic Japanese style with tatami-mat flooring and futon beds as well as a seating area typical for Japanese hotel rooms.

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Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel

Directly connected to JR Nagoya Station, Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel is regularly the most expensive hotel to be found in Nagoya. It is also one of the best hotels near Nagoya Station. But the price is justified. The hotel offers its guests an indoor pool, fitness center and sauna. There are 9 restaurants on site, including a French restaurant on the 52nd floor with panoramic views of Nagoya.

Some rooms offer unforgettable views over the city and many amenities such as a flatscreen TV, minibar and safe. Complimentary green tea is also provided. Marriott Nagoya has smoking as well as non-smoking rooms.

Worst Parts

The main concern of guests was that the hotel was hard to find since it is necessary to follow signs within Nagoya Station up elevators, and the check-in desk is on the 15th floor.

Another complaint was that facilities such as the fitness center and indoor pool should be free of charge for hotel guests as is usual in other luxury hotels.

Best Parts

The best part of the Marriott Associa Nagoya is a very convenient location. You don’t even have to leave Nagoya Station to get to your hotel. Around Nagoya station, you can find numerous shopping opportunities as well as some of the best restaurants in the city.

The room size was also complimented often as well as the views from the rooms.

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Nagoya Tokyu Hotel

Nagoya Tokyu Hotel, although a Japanese hotel brand has a very European feel to it. The lobby, as well as the rooms, are in a modern European style and in excellent taste.

Tokyu Hotel is located just a couple of hundred meters from Sakae Station, a great location to sample the local cuisine, go shopping and enjoy the nightlife of Nagoya. It is 2 stations from Nagoya Station.

Facilities at this 5-star hotel include a fitness center, indoor pool, and a sauna.

The rooms are divided into standard, superior and executive floors and your options are between double and twin beds as well as smoking or non-smoking. There are also some amazing suits for maximum comfort.

Rooms are equipped with all the amenities you could expect from a hotel of this class. Bathrobe and slippers, a bathtub, TV as well as a tea maker. There is also a seating area in each room.

The 3 hotels serve French, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. An extensive western style breakfast buffet is also available at an additional charge as well as a traditional Japanese breakfast set.

Worst Parts

The main complaint was that the fitness center, swimming pool, and sauna were not included in the room price and very expensive per use.

Another concern was the distance to the subway station.

Best Parts

Most people complimented the location, staff, and rooms in general. The attention to detail and comfort was noteworthy to many past guests.

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Nagoya Kanko Hotel

The 5-star Nagoya Kanko Hotel was established in 1936 and features European style decor throughout the property.

It is located just 2 minutes walk from Fushimi Station which is in Sakae District a district with much to offer such as many food choices, nightlife, and shopping.

The 5 on-site restaurants offer French, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. An extensive breakfast buffet is included in some room rates.

The rooms of the Kanko Hotel Nagoya have many amenities such as a TV, minibar and kettle.

Worst Parts

Since the hotel is getting on in years some guests complained that the air condition in their rooms didn’t work properly and that the rooms are getting old as well.

Best Parts

Many guests complimented the excellent service at the hotel as well as the convenient location close to the subway and that the hotel is near Nagoya Station.

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Hotel Nagoya Castle

Hotel Nagoya Castle is, as the name suggests, located right next to the famous Nagoya Castle. This 5-star hotel offers rooms with either castle or city views which are both impressive.

The hotel offers a shuttle bus to Nagoya Station, a swimming pool, fitness center and 10 different restaurants on site. You can enjoy French, Cantonese, and Japanese cuisine. There is also a Sushi restaurant, buffet restaurant as well as a cocktail bar and tea room.

Rooms are modern and simple but include many amenities such as a TV, refrigerator, safe and air conditioning.

Worst Parts

Many guests mentioned the location was inconvenient when wanting to see other parts of the city. The shuttle service to Nagoya Station only runs hourly until around 9 p.m.

Some guests complained that the fitness center and pool were not included in the price for hotel guests and that the restaurants on site were very expensive but that there were no other restaurants close to the hotel.

Best Parts

Guests complimented the amazing location next to Nagoya Castle as well as the unforgettable castle views from their rooms.

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Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower

A 13-minute walk from Nagoya Station, Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower welcomes you with every amenity you might need. The Hotel offers spectacular views of Nagoya from all of their rooms for a surprisingly low price.

The hotel rooms are stylish and offer many amenities such as a TV, fridge and coffee maker as well as nightwear and slippers. The luxurious bathroom offers a bathrobe, complimentary toiletries, and a hairdryer.

Worst Parts

The main complaint of travelers was the location since the hotel is a 13-minute walk from Nagoya’s main station. The restaurants, cafes and other shopping opportunities are all located close to Nagoya Station and therefore it is inconvenient to find food close to the station or when arriving with big suitcases.

Best Parts

Since the hotel is located on the 31st floor and upwards the views from each room are spectacular. The proximity to Nagoya Station where many of the highrise buildings are located and being in the center of the city makes this an amazing and unforgettable feature.

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The Strings Hotel Nagoya

If you are looking for a stylish and very modern 5-star hotel option in Nagoya, The Strings Hotel Nagoya will be for you. Opened just in 2016 this amazing hotel offers many amenities such as a free shuttle service.

The hotel is located close to Nagoya Station and features multiple restaurants. Breakfast is included in some room rates.

The modern rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs, a kettle, slippers as well as free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Worst Parts

A number of guests complained about the location, as it is not directly at Nagoya Station, but rather a 10 to 16 minute walk away.

Best Parts

Many guests complimented the location, a 10 to 15-minute walk from Nagoya’s main station. For guests who don’t want to walk there is a convenient hourly shuttle service available as well.

The breakfast buffet was also complimented often as was the staff of the hotel.

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Hotel Trusty Nagoya

Hotel Trusty Nagoya is a 4-star hotel in the Sakae District of Nagoya. The hotel provides very budget friendly luxury options with comfortable single, twin and double rooms.

Rooms are equipped with many amenities such as a minibar and tea maker, slippers and free toiletries and important in the hot summers air conditioning.

The on-site Japanese restaurant serves a Japanese breakfast in the mornings, depending on what you book the price for the breakfast may or may not be included in your room rate. Lunch and dinner options are available at the restaurant as well.

Worst Parts

Some guests complained that the hotel rooms were small and dated. And this is a typical issue all over Japan. The rooms even in very good hotels are small compared to the same type of hotel room in other countries.

Another complaint was that especially the cheapest rooms did not have a view. So, if you want a room with a view at Hotel Trusty Nagoya it is advisable to pay extra for the view.

Best Parts

The best part of Hotel Trusty Nagoya (Sakae) is the location. It is a 1-minute walk away from Sakae Station which has a direct subway line to Nagoya Station as well as the Nagoya Castle. Sakae district has a lot to offer including great food options, nightlife and tourist attractions such as the Nagoya City Science Museum with one of the biggest planetariums in the world.

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Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel

The 4-star Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel is directly connected to Nagoya Station. This hotel is very modern and bright and features a rooftop restaurant for breakfast where guests can enjoy sweeping views of Nagoya city.

Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel is a non-smoking hotel. The rooms are bright and are equipped with a TV, refrigerator, and safety deposit box. The modern bathrooms feature free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Worst Parts

It was hard to find a recurring complaint from multiple guests for this hotel. Some guests mentioned that it was possible to hear the trains even though the rooms are soundproof.

Best Parts

Guests complimented the location in Nagoya Station and mentioned how modern and new the whole hotel was.

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Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Nagoya

This 4-star Japanese style business hotel Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Nagoya located next to Hisayaodori Station is one of the highest ranking hotels in Nagoya.

For breakfast, an international buffet is served. Guests can alternatively have an American breakfast as well.

The hotel features a Japanese style shared bath for all guests as well as a simple private bathroom with a shower in the room.

Worst Parts

Overall the reviews of this hotel were very positive. There was a consensus that the rooms were very small but still had all the amenities needed.

Best Parts

Many guests complimented how new and well designed the whole hotel was. The location was another point in favor of the hotel as it is just a minute walk from the station. Around the station, guests could find great dining and shopping opportunities.

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Summary of the Best Hotels in Nagoya

So, which is the best hotel in Nagoya? Tough question. I think all of the above hotels are excellent and won’t disappoint. The prices, in general, are lower than in other cities in Japan but the standard is just as high. You can’t really go wrong with booking any of the hotels mentioned in this top 10.

If you were wondering what the best option is to get to your hotel from Nagoya Airport, read this Nagoya Airport transportation guide.

Now that you have a hotel in Nagoya it is time to figure out what to do there. Start by reading the Nagoya Travel Guide. Have a look at my things to do in Nagoya post as well as my Nagoya 1 day itinerary post. If you are staying in Nagoya for more than a couple of days you might want to find out about the best day trips from Nagoya, such as a day trip to Shirakawago a UNESCO world heritage site.

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The local cuisine called Nagoya Meshi is one of the top reasons to visit Nagoya, find out more about it in my Nagoya Food Guide and learn what Hitsumabushi is and where you can find the best in Nagoya.

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