Japan is expensive.

That’s what people often tell me.

But is it really?

Sure, compared to countries in South-East Asia Japan really isn’t cheap. But if you compare it to other developed countries like Australia, the US or Western Europe Japan isn’t really all that expensive.

It all depends on what you do in Japan and how you spend your money.

If you stay at the Hilton, an expensive Nagoya hotel, and eat at the finest Sushi restaurants, then sure, Japan is very expensive.

But there are great cheap options, for food, for transportation and of course also for accommodation in Nagoya.

In this post, I would like to introduce the best cheap hostels in Nagoya (if you prefer a private room and bathroom have a look at these cheap hotels in Nagoya).

A hostel in Nagoya (Japan) has not only the advantage that it is cheap but also the social aspect, which can make your trip even more amazing. A great advantage to a hotel in Nagoya.

Make new friends in your dormitory room or the common area of a hostel and ask for recommendations from the staff or other travelers.

Save money by cooking your own meals, you should really try the instant cup ramen from Japan. It’s so delicious!

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Let me introduce to you the best hostels in Nagoya and let’s find one that you love!

By the way, there are other cheap accommodation options in Nagoya, such as cheap hotels in Nagoya (Japan), capsule hotels in Nagoya or love hotels in Nagoya.

This table will give you an overview of the hostels in Nagoya. The best place to stay in Nagoya is close to one of the following three areas: Nagoya Station area, Sakae area, and Osu area.

Leo Star Hostel★★Nagoya Station$
Hostel Wasabi Nagoya EkimaeNagoya Station$
Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel★★Nagoya Station$
Cafe & Guest House Nagonoya★★Nagoya Station$
KikunoyaNagoya Station$
Nagoya Travellers HostelSakae Station$
Trip & Sleep HostelKamimaezu Station$
Hostel NicoKamimaezu Station$
Backpackers Nagoya Guesthouse OtoyaOsu Kannon Station$

I did not stay at any of these hostels, I used the descriptions of the hotels from booking.com. Additionally, I analyzed the reviews of previous hotel guests and mention the facts (good or bad) that have been written by multiple reviewers.

Hostels around Nagoya Station

The best area to stay in Nagoya is close to Nagoya Station. The location is just perfect, with great food and shopping opportunities and the most public transport options going to all parts of the city.

If you want to find a list of the best Nagoya Station hotels, click here.

The Nagoya Station area, called Meieki also has the highest density of Hostels in the city. You can find cheap hotels near Nagoya Station as well.e

Leo Star Hostel

Leo Star Hostel might not look it from the outside, but it is decidedly Japanese inside. The accommodation offers rooms with a shared bathroom. There are no dormitories here but you can get a single room, double or twin room and even rooms for 4 or 6 people.

Half of the rooms are western style with normal beds or bunk beds, but you can also book a Japanese style room with Tatami mat flooring and Futon beds.

There is a shared lounge where you can hang out and make some new friends as well as a counter where you can order drinks and some snacks.

Leo Star is a hotel near Nagoya Station, only a 10 minute walk away.

Worst Parts

Multiple guests complained about the thin walls and the fact that the hostel isn’t soundproof at all. You can hear the noises people make in the next door rooms which can make it hard to sleep.

Be aware that payment at this Nagoya accommodation is cash only at Leo Star Hostel.

Best Parts

The ratings for this hostel are extremely high, even compared to other properties in Nagoya.

Almost all reviews complimented the helpful and very responsive staff at the hostel. Other compliments included the cleanliness and comfort at the hostel.

The location was another thing that was highly appreciated since the hostel is within walking distance of Nagoya Station.

The best way to experience Nagoya is on a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.
8 foods and snacks in 3.5 hours with in-depth info will make this one unforgettable experience.
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Book Here

Book your stay at Leo Start Hostel on booking.com. You can also check availability on Agoda.

Hostel Wasabi Nagoya Ekimae

Hostel Wasabi offers bunk beds in dormitory rooms. There are mixed rooms as well as female-only rooms available and they all have an attached bathroom. The dormitories are Japanese style with tatami mats in every bunk.

There is a lounge at the hostel with lots of books, a refrigerator to store your food and the option to buy some essentials like a cup ramen at the hostel. They also offer free drinks like soda, juices, and teas.

You can rent a bicycle at this guest house in Nagoya at an additional charge, which is a great way to get around the city on the cheap.

Worst Parts

There is not a lot of space to store your luggage in the dormitory rooms and it can be a hassle to get at your stuff.

If you visit in summer you should be aware that it can get very hot in the bunks, especially when you close the front curtain because you won’t get any air circulation even though the room itself is air-conditioned.

Best Parts

The staff goes above and beyond to help you with your questions. They provide a weather forecast and teach you about the things Nagoya is famous for.

The whole hostel is clean and comfortable and very close to Nagoya Station and a convenience store.

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Book your stay at Guest House Wasabi Nagoya Ekimae via booking.com. You can also book this hostel on Agoda.

Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel

Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel offers affordable accommodation about 7 minutes walk away from Nagoya Station.

The hostel opened in 2015 and is still quite new and very modern.

You can either stay in bunks in dormitory rooms or in private rooms with shared bathrooms.

There are a shared kitchen and a lounge and also a cafe where you can buy drinks and snacks.

The best way to experience Nagoya is on a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.
8 foods and snacks in 3.5 hours with in-depth info will make this one unforgettable experience.
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Worst Parts

It is almost amazing that the main complaint was that there was no elevator at the property. That’s how great the hostel really is.

Some people also mentioned that even though it is close to Nagoya Station around the hostel itself there is nothing to do and one has to walk the 5 minutes to the station for food and entertainment.

Best Parts

Almost all past travelers complimented helpful staff and clean facilities. They complimented the great value for money at Glocal.

The cafe is also very popular with guests and comes highly rated.

Book Here

Book your stay at Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel via booking.com if you are looking for a great place to stay at. Or check out Agoda for your booking.

Cafe & Guest House Nagonoya

Cafe & Guest House Nagonoya is a modern accommodation with a designer feel to it. It is located 15 minutes walk from Nagoya Station. The closest subway station is Kokusai Center from which it is a 5-minute walk.

It was opened in 2015 and offers dormitory rooms as well as a private Japanese style room. All rooms have shared bathrooms.

The Guest House has a kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals, a lounge to relax and a cafe offering international dishes.

Worst Parts

Reading lots of comments it was really hard to find a common complaint. There were different complaints from different travelers, but nothing that was mentioned twice or more times.

Cafe & Guest House Nagonoya really seems like a great place to stay in Nagoya.

Best Parts

Many guests complimented the comfortable capsule-style beds, great showers and the breakfast buffet for 500 yen.

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Book your stay via booking.com. Or check out the offers on Agoda.


If you want to stay in a traditional Japanese setting you should have a look at Kikunoya. This 90-year-old renovated property is decorated in the old Japanese style. A real Ryokan in Nagoya.

There are Japanese style dormitory rooms with futon beds as well as modern dormitories with bunk beds. Family rooms are also available.

Worst Parts

There is only one toilet per gender and one bathroom available for all guests, so it can get crowded at the little guest house during peak times.

The house is also about 15 minutes away from Nagoya Station so it is a bit of a walk, especially with luggage.

Best Parts

Many guests complimented the homey atmosphere at this property. They said it felt very comfortable to be there.

Also, the traditional style at the guest house, while a little bit cramped at times was appreciated by many.

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Book your unforgettable stay at Kikunoya via booking.com. You can also check availability on Agoda.

Hostels in Sakae District

The second biggest business district aside from Nagoya Station is the Sakae area. It is often described as the downtown of Nagoya.

Here you will find bars and clubs, great food and a lot of shopping opportunities.

While there are a lot of hotels in the area, there is only one hostel close to Sakae station.

Nagoya Travellers Hostel

Nagoya Travellers Hostel is an 8-minute walk away from Sakae Station.

Opened in 2015 this property offers private rooms as well as bunk beds in dormitory rooms, with shared bathrooms. The whole building and its facilities look very new and modern.

There is a shared lounge as well as a kitchen for guests to use. In the morning a complimentary breakfast of Ogura toast and coffee is served at the lounge.

Worst Parts

The main complaint was the neighborhood in which the hostel is located. Because it is an entertainment area there are many drunk people around and it can feel uncomfortable to walk there at night especially as a girl.

Best Parts

The hostel was described as comfortable, clean and a good place to meet other travelers. Many travelers were happy about the free breakfast.

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Book your stay at the Nagoya Travellers Hostel today via booking.com. You can also check availability on Agoda if you prefer.

The best way to experience Nagoya is on a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.
8 foods and snacks in 3.5 hours with in-depth info will make this one unforgettable experience.
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Hostels in Osu District

Osu is a great area for travelers to stay in. The shopping arcades here draw visitors with second-hand shopping opportunities. They are also very popular with Otaku and other people interested in Anime, Manga, Cosplay, and electronics.

There are amazing restaurants, cafes, and shops at every corner.

Find out more about the Osu shopping streets here.

Trip & Sleep Hostel

Trip & Sleep Hostel is located right in the center of the Osu shopping arcades. It is a very modern hostel. The closest station is Kamimaezu on the Meijo line but you can also use Osu Kannon Station to reach the hostel within 10 minutes.

You can reserved bunk beds in a dormitory room or book a private room with a shared bathroom.

There is a shared lounge and kitchen travelers can use.

Worst Parts

The main complaint of guests was that the rooms as well as the lounge are very small and do not provide enough space to feel comfortable.

Best Parts

The overall rating of this hostel on booking.com is very high. The most frequent comments were about the great and helpful staff and the very convenient location in Osu.

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Book your stay via booking.com. You can also check availability on Agoda if you prefer.

Hostel Nico

Hostel Nico is located just outside the Osu shopping streets and close to Kamimaezu subway station.

You will find dormitory rooms as well as private rooms with a shared bathroom at this Nagoya guest house.

There is a lounge as well as a kitchen for guests to use and hang out. There is a simple breakfast available at the hostel.

Worst Parts

Most guests complained about the cleaning hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. during which guests are expected to leave the hostel. Don’t stay at this hostel is you like to sleep in.

Best Parts

Many guests complimented the cleanliness of the hostel overall. And that the kitchen was very well equipped.

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Book your stay at Hostel Nico today on booking.com. You can also book via Agoda.

Backpackers Nagoya Guesthouse Otohaya

Backpackers Nagoya Guesthouse Otohaya is a small guesthouse about 10 minutes walk from Osu Kannon Temple.

You can either stay in the dormitory room or book a 2 person private room. All rooms share a bathroom.

There are a lounge and kitchen area for guests to hang out and prepare their meals.

Bicycle rental is available at the property.

The best way to experience Nagoya is on a Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.
8 foods and snacks in 3.5 hours with in-depth info will make this one unforgettable experience.
Check out the details!

Worst Parts

Guests complained about the shakey beds, small and old bathrooms and overall comfort at this hostel.

Best Parts

Even though the hostel is not the newest it is well maintained and clean. The staff is very helpful and kind.

Book Here

Book your stay at Backpackers Nagoya Guesthouse Otohaya on booking.com. You can also check availability on Agoda.

Final Thoughts to find the perfect Nagoya hostel

Hostels are a great option when you are traveling in Nagoya on a tight budget.

If you want to you can also check out my other posts about hotels in Nagoya:

For more general information about Nagoya read the Nagoya Travel Guide. Check out my 1 day in Nagoya itinerary for ideas of things to do in Nagoya.

Ready to Book your Trip to Nagoya?

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If you are a foodie like me I recommend you learn about food in Nagoya before coming to Nagoya. There are many delicious dishes only found in Nagoya, and they are not all expensive.

You could have Ogura Toast for breakfast, Tenmusu for lunch and some Ankake Spaghetti for dinner. All cheap foods, all true Nagoya Meshi.

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