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become a food tour guide in nagoya!

Nagoya Foodie is looking for English & Japanese speaking guides in Nagoya.

What is nagoya foodie?

Nagoya Foodie is a new kind of tour company in Nagoya. We offer different kinds of food related tours to foreigners, so they can learn about Japanese food and Japan in a fun and delicious way. Check out the different tours on offer.

nagoya foodieって何?

主に欧米から来日する外国人旅行者の方々へ、「日本の生活や文化と密接に関わることで得られるユニークな体験」を提供する名古屋初のサービスです。Nagoya Foodieの主な特徴は、外国人旅行者とローカルガイドがより深く交流できるよう、最大8名のお客様で構成されるツアーを提供している点です。
当社が提供するサービスがこちら different tours on offer.

What is It like to be a guide?

At a Nagoya Foodie Tour we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, participants and guides alike. As a tour guide you will meet lots of people from all over the world, and maybe even make new friends or great connections. And since all tours are conducted in English this is a great opportunity to polish your English skills which will look great on your next job application.

Guides will learn a lot of new things about Nagoya food and there will also be a couple of things about the history of the city you might not yet know about. All the information you need to become a great tour guide is available as a handy tour manual.

A part time job as a food tour guide in Nagoya is super flexible, you can do as many or as few tours per month as you like. This is especially useful if you are a university student or have another job somewhere else.


NAGOYA FOODIE guideはどんな仕事?



出勤日:月2回以上~でOK! 学生も社会人の方も自分のペースでガイドが可能です。

requirements and conditions


Skills you need to have



Speak Conversational English


Be outgoing and open



Enjoy talking about life in japan, japanese food and culture


additional Skills that would be great


studied abroad


shown foreign friends around japan


Familiarity with japanese history and culture


Ready to apply?

Follow these steps to become a Nagoya Foodie guide:

Ready to apply?


Step 1

Send us an Email to or fill in our contact form on our contact page.
Make sure the subject line is: Become a Guide
Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to become a Nagoya Foodie guide.
No need to send a formal CV!

Step 1


Step 2

If you passed the Step 1 screening, you will be invited to chat with us over a cup of coffee (or tee). Don’t worry the drink is on us 😉
Be prepared to talk in English.
We don’t call it an interview, that’s way too formal.

Just be yourself!


Step 2



Step 3

If we think you will be a good fit for our team you will be invited to join one of our tours. For free!

Just so you can see what it’s like to work as a guide for Nagoya Foodie.


Step 3



Step 4

Do your first tour as a guide, Lena will be there to help you along the way. No need to be nervous!

Step 4

採用決定!(この時点でNagoya Foodieの正式ガイド)


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