Activities in Nagoya

One day is NOT enough!

I repeat, one day is NOT enough to explore everything there is to do in Nagoya.

But, even though it might not be enough to visit all the fascinating corners of the city, it is enough to gain a feel, a first impression of Nagoya.

So, I do recommend you spend as much time as you can in Nagoya, but if you only have one day, make the most of it!

What to Do in Nagoya

Let’s start with a full list of all the things you can do in Nagoya. And there really is a lot.

Start your explorations by reading the ‘Things to do in Nagoya‘ post.

I add new activities all the time and I currently list about 20. All of the activities are great for first-timers.

Just pick and choose what interests you the most!

The ‘Things to do in Nagoya’ post is just here to give you an overview. If you are particularly interested in a certain sight I recommend you read the full post about it.

You can find all the posts about the things to do in Nagoya here:

What to Buy in Nagoya

Shopping! Who doesn’t love it?

Okay, maybe there are some people out there who don’t like shopping. If you are one of them feel free to skip to the next headline below.

For everyone else, let’s talk about the best shopping opportunities in Nagoya.

Around Nagoya station, you will find two underground shopping malls, one big department store called Takashimaya and multiple Bic Camera electronic stores. Nagoya station is also great for Japan-style souvenir shopping (I’m not talking about trinkets but rather snacks).

In Sakae, you can shop for international and local brands at one of the many department stores and high-class malls. There is also an Apple Store here.

Osu is more for the bargain hunters, with second-hand shops offering anything from brand goods and kimono to musical instruments. It is also the place where young geeks and Otaku go to buy games and gadgets, and other items related to Manga, Anime, and Cosplay. Learn more about the Osu Shopping Arcades here.

If you are interested in regular markets, Nagoya has a few of those as well. The most popular is probably the antique market at Osu Kannon, but you will also find a morning market at Higashi Betsuin, a night market at Nayabashi and temple fairs all over the place. Regular markets in Nagoya are listed here.

Nagoya does have an outlet shopping mall called Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima. I have no idea where the ‘Jazz Dream’ part in the name comes from, but I do know it is a great place to buy foreign and local brands at discount prices.

If all of this information is not enough, check out the full Nagoya Shopping Guide.

What to Eat in Nagoya

Do you want to know my favorite thing to in Nagoya?

Eating! (To be honest, it might just be my favorite thing wherever I go in the world)

It is just so much you can learn about a country and a culture by sampling its food. The food in Nagoya doesn’t represent the whole country, but it does give a glimpse into the culture of Nagoya and its people.

Because I love the food in Nagoya so much, I have dedicated a whole category on this blog to Nagoya Meshi, that’s what the food of Nagoya is called.

Check out the Nagoya Food Guide to learn more about Nagoya Meshi, the different delicious dishes and restaurant recommendations for each dish.

If you really want to dive deep into the food while you are in Nagoya, I highly recommend you participate in one of the food tours I offer every day. Check out the details of the Nagoya Meshi Food Tour. You will get to try 8 delicious foods and snacks from Nagoya and learn lots of additional information about the food culture of Nagoya!

Another amazing food experience in Nagoya is the Osu Street Food Walking Tour. Discover one of the most popular districts of Nagoya and try the delicious street food on offer there.

Nagoya Itinerary

After reading about the things to do, where to shop and what to eat in Nagoya, wouldn’t it be nice to get a completely planned out itinerary with the perfect mix of activities, shopping, and food?

I got you covered!

This Nagoya itinerary starts with breakfast and ends with dinner, and has a whole day packed full of the best experiences to be had in Nagoya. Check it out!

Tours in Nagoya

Exploring an unfamiliar city can be quite a hassle. If you want the best experience in Nagoya book one of my tours and spend a couple of fun hours with me, exploring the food scene of Nagoya or diving deep into the history of the city clad in a traditional Japanese Kimono.

Check back regularly, I add new content all the time!

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If you want to find more information about Nagoya in general, check out the Nagoya Travel Guide.

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