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our story

Learn about the Nagoya Foodie story in the words of our founder Lena: 

Nagoya Foodie first started to form as an idea during my one year trip around the world. I spent the year exploring more than 30 countries and loved to participate in food tours and sample real local foods wherever I went during that year.

The website, where I share my love for Nagoya and especially Nagoya food, has been live since May 2019.

Now that I am finally settled in Nagoya after my trip around the world has ended I started offering the first food tour called Nagoya Meshi Food Tour.

This tour focuses on the special local food called Nagoya Meshi, only found in the region. Participants get to sample 8 foods and snacks from Nagoya during a 3 hour tour. It is a really unique way to experience Nagoya. You can find out more about the Nagoya Meshi Food Tour here.

We also offer private food tours in Nagoya that are customizable and can be changed to your needs and wishes. Check out the Private Food Tour page for more information.

But this website isn’t only about food tours. You can find lots of useful information for your trip to Nagoya. For general information read the Nagoya Travel Guide.

If you are a foodie but don’t want to participate in one of our food tours, that’s fine also. Find all the information on local foods and the best restaurants to try them on the Nagoya Food Guide.

If you have any questions at all about our food tours, Nagoya food or Nagoya, in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

Lena Scheidler

Founder, Nagoya Foodie

Why nagoya foodie

Nagoya Foodie is all about experiencing Japanese culture through its unique and delicious food in Nagoya.

At a Nagoya Foodie tour, you will visit places that are not easily found or accessed by foreigners. 

our promise

On all Nagoya Foodie tours, we promise the following:

only the Best local food

During a Nagoya Foodie tour, you will only try the best local foods and snacks and eat until you’re full.

knowledgeable guides

Our English-speaking guides love to share their passion for Japanese food and culture with you.

small groups

There are never more than 8 people per tour. That way it is easier to make real connections with guides and other participants.

about lena

Founder | Guide


Lena first came to Japan as an 18-year old studying Japanese at a language school in Tokyo for 6 weeks. She fell in love with the country and its food instantly.

Studying Japanese and international business management in university in Germany she had the opportunity to return to Japan during a 10-month study abroad program. This time in Osaka.

This was also the first time she visited Nagoya, and through a friend learned about the delicious local foods like Miso Nikomi Udon and Hitsumabushi.

It must have been fate when Lena returned to Japan for a third time, this time to work for a big Japanese IT consulting company when she met her partner Taka, who is originally from a town just south of Nagoya in Aichi prefecture.

After just 2 years living and working in Tokyo the routine of crowded trains, 9 to 6 work and evenings spent watching Netflix became rather boring and Lena soon started looking for a new adventure.

A one year trip around the world was just what she needed.

She wanted to use the one-year not only to explore parts of the world she had never been to but also to find the time and reflect on her path in life and what she wanted to do going forward.

Nagoya Foodie is the answer she was looking for.

A project she 100% stands behind. A dream come true. The opportunity to work for herself, helping others experience Japan, the country she loves so much, in a unique way through its food.

 Because working on just one project at a time doesn’t seem to be enough for her she also started a new business together with her business partner Elizabeth Llopis called ‘Nagoya is not boring‘. An experience and tour booking platform focused on Nagoya.
Check it out!