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We Believe nagoya is One of the best locations to experience Authentic japanese food

Welcome to Nagoya Foodie, we help you experience Nagoya through its food.

No matter if you want to try all the dishes Nagoya is famous for, dive deep into the history and culture of the Osu Shopping Streets, or customize your own unforgettable food experience, Nagoya is the right place for all of these experiences.

By participating in one of our food tours you can make Nagoya an unforgettable part of your trip to Japan!

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Specialties of Nagoya Food Tour

Try different local specialities of Nagoya that can be found nowhere else in Japan

Osu Street food Walking tour

Explore the Osu Shopping Streets while snacking on delicious Japanese street food

Find out more about nagoya Food

A food tour can never cover all special foods and restaurants in a city. That is why we regularly update our Nagoya Food Guide.

Here you can find the nicest restaurants, authentic Izakayas or cute breakfast places. You can also find out more about these special Nagoya dishes we are always talking about.


Read the nagoya travel Guide

Learn all you need to know when visiting the city.

Are you looking for things to do in Nagoya? Or a whole itinerary for your stay? Maybe you would like some hotel recommendations or are wondering if you really need a Japan Rail Pass for your visit in Japan?

The Nagoya Travel Guide has the answer!


Nagoya in April 2020 – Events and Festivals

Nagoya in April 2020 – Events and Festivals

Are you looking for things to do in Nagoya in April 2020? With the coronavirus going around the world many events and festivals in Nagoya have been canceled and we are being advised to stay away from crowded areas. Still, sometimes we just have to get out. Below you...

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Lena is in love with Japanese food. And she wants the world to know that Japanese food has more to offer than Sushi. Much more, in fact.

To share her knowledge about Nagoya and its amazing food she created this website as well as unique Food Tours.